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"Identity is cause; brand is effect."

~ Larry Ackerman

Superheroes are an ancient concept.  The boom in comic book heroes began in war times (coincident to the beginning of WWII and the end of the Great Depression) when most people needed a message of hope.  Someone that flew in, defeated the bad guy and saved the planet.

Superheroes took a back seat to other genres until around the mid 1950's when a reemergence began.  In the 1960's a more realistic approach to characterizations started to evolve and stories began dealing with social issues such as environmental pollution.  The Modern Age presents a reconstruction of the genre with superheroes that endeavor to combine artistic and literary sophistication with idealism.

The Immortal Warriors are heroes of the future that have travelled back in time to prevent the past from undergoing a similar fate in the future.  Our warriors act to ensure the dark future from which they come does not come into past and to make sure that this world, as well as the people in it have a brighter future.

Our message, reflected through our branding is to illustrate that all individuals can use any talents deliberately toward a greater common good.


The Krewe of Immortal Warriors was established in 2018 to be a contributor in Tampa Bay's Krewe activities and charitable ventures.  It is our intent to develop a fresh, futuristic, innovative style of krewe and a futuristic ship constructed totally with our mission and vision in mind.


Our ship's call is "ARC-19"


We are a new Krewe and we own our ship.  She is in the process of undergoing her re-invention.  The ARC will be fitted with a cutting edge blue tooth sound system with next-generation features such as wireless charging docks, remote controlled ambient lighting, a battery life of 8 hours when all features are in use and 48 hours on standby.  She will be outfitted with Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Portable Power Stations, charged by Nomad Solar Panels that power the energy needs aboard her.


She is being reconstructed with an eco-friendly mandate.  She will be the first ship with a biophilic-type architecture.  Her members will be proud to be upon her on her debut.  ARC-19 will add a technologically and environmentally superior experience to Tampa Bay's world-famous parades.


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